Viewpoints on Human Nature

Traditionally, they say that an optimist sees a glass as half full and that a pessimist sees it as half empty. What about the realist? Well, you can find lots of memes about that online these days. I don’t know what label I’d wear, if there even is one. I see the glass completely full! It’s half full of present reality, and half full of potential! Does that make me a super-optimist? A dreamer? An utopian philosopher? I imagine that the labels stuck on me by others could make me look like an old-time steamer trunk that’s been around the world … but as far as I’m concerned, the labels can all fall off. Labels are for those who choose to stop thinking once the category is chosen and the label has been applied.

You see, my darling husband and I were having a conversation, and it got a bit heated due to our differing viewpoints. We’ve batted around the idea of looking for a younger couple to join us on the farm as working partners in an LLC, as our previous partnership plans may not come to fruition. I was honestly shocked at the controversy we wound up in–we simply don’t argue much at all. When we disagree, we can normally talk it out and come to a mutually satisfying resolution. Not this time. Not at all! Yet.

I believe quite strongly that people tend to behave as we expect them to behave; that most people will live up or down to our basic opinion of who they are; that we shape our world by not only our physical actions, but equally by our invisible mental and spiritual actions. He believes that people are generally selfish and lazy, and will give no more than is absolutely required of them in any given situation. This puts us in quite the quandary. He says that I’m trying to live in an utopian universe that doesn’t exist and am looking for disastrous disappointment. It seems to me that he’s planning for failure and since that’s his plan, he’ll be rewarded by being right. Quite the pair we are, huh?

I believe that love powers and empowers all that is. I believe that our cooperation in and with love makes a difference. I believe that my honey is just feeling frustrated right now and will come around. After all, he’s the most loving man I’ve ever known! Waiting is hard, especially for a man of action, and waiting is really all we can do right now. Thank you for sharing the wait with us.

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