Part 8, May 27, 2016

Part 8 May 27, 2016

Today I got to practice love through patient waiting. I had an appointment for pulmonary testing at 10:00, and called for a taxi to pick us up at 9:30. It arrived after 9:45, so got there a few minutes late … not that it mattered, since we had to wait to get registered and, once we got in and the testing began, the machine needed a small part replaced.

The machine wouldn’t calibrate properly so we wound up sitting around for probably an hour. The technician apologized over and over, and I kept telling her it wasn’t her fault, it was okay, stuff happens … I admit to feeling impatient a few times, especially as our lunch time rolled around, but I gently set it aside and practiced the presence of God, trusting that all was right in God’s good time.

Practicing the presence of God … wakeful meditation … mindfulness … peace in the moment … can happen in any circumstance, if we let it. And when we do, God’s love flows through us and into the world around us.

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