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Love Wrapped Up In a Body

Yesterday morning, May 18, 2016, I felt God’s promptings for me to write THIS PARTICULAR book and it continued all day and into today: Love Wrapped Up in a Body. This IS at least a part of my “Another Chance.” Another chance to live and to give, for however long that lasts.


I’m feeling led to commit to writing daily, and to publishing each day’s writings right here on my blog. You who read here are my beta readers, or pre-editors if you prefer. There may be some wandering around, as I’m not really an outline kind of a person. There may be what seem to be sermons, there may be conversations, there may be floundering. I honestly don’t know. I just know that I need to do this, and I pray that even one person finds it helpful in some way. It will be a book someday.

You can find the book in progress in the “Book” category on the left. I truly appreciate all reactions, suggestions, and feedback!!!
And so, I begin …