Imagine a World and It Can Become

Once again, I was chatting with a friend on Facebook and it gave rise to a chain of thought which I want to share. The following is both excerpt and expansion of that chat. Thank you, Ellen Marie, for taking time with me this morning. You are a blessing.

ONE job should be enough to make ends meet, but it isn’t anymore for a lot of people.
ONE job should be enough to make ends meet for TWO people, honestly, but it’s not.
Our country (USA) has been falling apart for a long time now. Something has got to change.

So many people fought so hard over 100 years ago to make it so that one person working 40 hours/week with breaks could support a family. They’d be weeping at today’s result
So many people fought so hard over 200 years ago for representative government. They’d be weeping at today’s result.

Life needs to be lived like there is a tomorrow
I pray healing of the scars that cage love inside people & institutions, to set it free … but realistically, healing takes time and some simply will not be healed. Some like the cage. It feels safe. So safe that they’re afraid of freedom.

What does healing mean?

In my humble opinion, healing means letting love free to empower, washing away greed and fear and all icons, energizing and bringing a dynamic homeostasis in which all people and creation can grow to their potential.

It’s a crazy idea, I know. You can laugh now, if you’d like

But what does that mean on a national/international scale?

It means that politicians serve the people, as leaders are intended to do, without corporate input and with generosity in listening & evaluating the intent of other peoples.

I’d like to think that it could mean eliminating the need for military other than as humanitarian assistance in times of disaster.

It means realizing that differing political styles may well suit different cultures, without necessarily needing to understand all there is to know about it and how it works for them.

It means that nations need to understand that hungry people become violent people who are unable to contribute, and that controlling the food supply thus becomes counterproductive and untenable.

It means a radical shift in thinking about the way that nations work with and against one another, if the good of the entire world is held as the one true goal.

How I’d love to sit them all down together and help them to listen … to one another, and to just a few of the many people with vision beyond yesterday’s offenses and into the beauty that can be tomorrow; to help them to look not at what currently is, but at what can be and to brainstorm on how to get there.

Our world already holds the keys to healthy work for everyone, adequate shelter for everyone, enough nutrition for everyone, personal fulfillment for everyone. Why do we insist on living in a mindset of scarcity and conflict, while we live in the midst of abundance wasted?

Healing is needed. Let loose and fly, love!

I send my love to all of you,


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