How Did We Get Here From There?

I posted this originally in a closed, private Facebook group of people focused on cooking from scratch.  A few asked if they could post on their wall or in their blog, and before I knew it, a friend had shared it on my wall before I even had it posted there!  I laughed.  Anyway, cooking from scratch is a radical act! I’m proud of each one participating!  I love you all.

I’m seeing a pattern over the course of time that’s brought us to where we are now and I don’t like where it’s going. This is about food and women and power … and this doesn’t begin at the beginning, nor does it reach the end.  It’s a rather bare outline, in fact.

1940’s Women enter the workforce en masse, just as they did during WWI, but didn’t go back home afterwards, this time; also replacing healthy fats with hydrogenated shortening and margarine … which we’ve been taught to see as empowering women and improving health, but in actuality beginning the process of taking the power of feeding and influencing their families FROM women and putting it into the hands of government

1950’s advent of box mixes and TV Dinners … a natural progression from Mom being at work all day, resulting in impaired nutrition for her family and reduced family interaction

1960’s community water fluoridation … learned from Hitler that it will control the masses by dumbing them down by impairing thyroid function

1970’s more pharmaceutical intervention–popularizing “the Pill” and the TSH test for pituitary hormone rather than thyroid hormones, with replacement being T4 storage hormone only, rather than the comprehensive whole-gland treatment which had been widespread, cheap, and effective, resulting in underdiagnosis and poor treatment … interesting that artificial sweeteners became really popular during this period, as well … did we REALLY gain more control over our lives, or less?

1980’s the microwave oven, which kills whatever is put into it and steals nutritional value from the food and even the water … yes, food heats quickly, but at what cost? Organized sports took off to a whole new level during this period, as well. Children who until now had been playing in the back yard under somebody’s Mom’s watchful eye were now finding themselves in much larger groups with a very different type of supervision and lots of rules instead of lots of imagination in play.

1990’s GMO’s quietly come on the scene, while aspartame is pushed relentlessly … no calorie sweetener that’s apt to keep you in the doctor’s office for as long as you manage to live, while you inexplicably continue to gain weight along with pain and illnesses … by now, most families REQUIRE two incomes just to make ends meet; parents of either gender have comparatively little influence on their children’s upbringing

2000’s we trade freedom and our bill of rights for “security” due to a very skewed gov’t propaganda campaign following 9/11, wind up the decade with threatened financial collapse which feeds into that trend

2010’s people are finally finding out about GMO’s and how toxic they are, but the masses have become largely incapable of knowing or caring (remember the fluoride & aspartame?), while being fully occupied by “bread and circuses” (fast food EVERYWHERE and game shows with million dollar prizes and reality TV, etc.) … and states are beginning to threaten to take away children from families who apply for food stamps

I realize that this is US-centric. I realize that it’s different in other countries. I also realize that the US has worked very hard at spreading all of this all over the world and, despite massive clout, may not have been quite as successful as hoped … yet …

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