Gyros Feast

Step 1: Find a good recipe. It took some searching and some review-reading, but I found this one a few years ago and enjoyed it very much! Traditional Gyro Meat

Step 2: Mess with the recipe! Why? Especially if I already know that I enjoyed it as written?

  • Because it’s my kitchen, I’m the one doing the cooking, and I can! Only my judgment counts in my kitchen, unless someone else is doing the cooking.
  • I couldn’t find ground lamb, so I’m using ground goat instead. That should be a fine replacement!
  • I don’t see the point in removing the wonderful, flavorful onion juice and just using the tacky leftovers.
  • I don’t see the point in getting out the big food processor on this hot afternoon to chop the onion, then either let it dry on there before using it again later, or take the time to clean it before using it again later–so I used the shredder side of my box grater on that onion, and tossed the juice into the meat right along with it.
  • The recipe calls for only 1/4 t salt?  For 2 pounds of meat? Really? I used a teaspoon.
  • Grind the rosemary? It’s a hot day and I don’t feel like getting out the mortar and pestle. Besides, after it’s had a chance to sit in the fridge for a couple of hours, that baby is going in the food processo, right? Won’t that grind the rosemary enough? I think so.
  • Let’s see … how many cloves of varying sizes will amount to a tablespoonful of minced garlic? Ah! About that, or so! Smash, peel, remove stem end, chop … hmmm … it seems to be more than a tablespoonful, and it’s not really minced, but it IS going into the food processor later on, right? Right!

Step 3: Go on from there. In this case, finish the recipe as written, then refrigerate until the next day … or the next.  Since there are only two of us doing the eating, this is a good time to freeze half of it for later!

Step 4: The next day… or the next … make the Tabouli and the Hummus and the Tzatziki to go with it. Start early in the day because chopping is exercise, and it’s a hot day! Better to let the refrigerator do the middle-of-the-day work this time.

Step 5: Right before eating time, pull a hunk off of the bread dough that’s been hanging out in the fridge this week, and make pita pockets, wrapping in a towel in a basket to stay soft and warm.

Step 6: Simultaneously, shave off thin slices of that gyro loaf and crisp them up in a little butter in a cast iron skillet over medium heat.

Step 7: Set everything out on the table, and let everyone assemble their own version of the ever-popular Gyro. Enjoy!

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