Book Part 54, July 18, 2016

Part 54, July 18, 2016

God wants us to be honest in expressing ourselves. Reflecting just a little bit on the bits of psalms that I’ve read lately as part of my morning devotions made me finally realize that. The psalms seem to be a real mix between giving God glory and honor and praise, and complaining about the horridness that life can be sometimes.

It seems that many folks think–and I carried this thought, as well–that God wants to be glorified, God wants our praise, and God will listen to our complaints. My morning revelation is that God doesn’t need all of that. WE need all of that. We give glory and thanks and praise to God, for OUR OWN good, not to build up God’s ego! We give our complaints to God not because God doesn’t already know, but because WE need to know and to express it freely and honestly, and know that we are still beloved!

It is for our good that we search our hearts and look for the good things in life, and tell of them to our families, our friends, and the world. It is for the cleansing of our souls that we lament our losses and ask for help. God is always watching and listening, and fully aware of our circumstances. Love grows as our transparency grows. When we can be honest with ourselves and with God, then we become more of who we are, and that is always a good thing.

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