Book Part 50, July 11, 2016

Part 50, July 11, 2016

Healing is still on my mind today–for myself and for others. We read about healings in the Bible and occasionally throughout history ever since, but we don’t tend to see it much. I wonder why?

Jesus said that anything he did, we can do. In fact, we’re supposed to be dispensing healing as God’s gift and will regularly and often! But it hasn’t been happening much. I wonder why?

I believe that God is able and willing and even wants to heal our ills and our injuries. I believe that abundant life is God’s will for us. Despite that, most of us suffer from ill health more and more these days, or so it seems. I wonder why?

Are we clinging so tightly to human understanding that we’re unwilling or even unable to accept God’s help? Have we forgotten how to pray? Is life too easy? How is it that we can accept the evil in the world more readily than we can accept the good that God offers freely? How is it that we sometimes even attribute the evil to God’s will, which clearly is incorrect? How can we offer God’s blessings more effectively? How can we open ourselves to accepting God’s blessings each day?

I told you that I’m good at questions! Know, today, that God IS love and abides in YOU and loves you infinitely and wills for your abundance of life at all times!

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