Book Part 49, July 10, 2016

Part 49, July 10, 2016

Healing is on my mind today. We found out yesterday that Glenn is fighting cancer. He and his wife, Terrie, are very special people, as are their sons. This family has a way of making a person feel special–or at least, I’ve always felt that way around them. They’ve treated me with kindness always, and taken the extra steps to be helpful. Love wrapped up in a body is their way of life. I’ve been pretty much homebound for a while, so haven’t seen them lately, but they’re often on my mind and always in my heart. I’m praying healing.

My friend Jennifer is fighting alcohol addiction. That’s a tough fight, too, and for so many folks, alcohol wins over and over. I’m praying that Jennifer grabs onto the strength that God’s love gives us, to take back her life and LIVE.

You, my reader, whoever you may be, are fighting something, as well–something that limits your life and causes you pain. All of us are, for that’s what life is. It’s a struggle from one day to the next. I pray that YOU know God’s love and mine, all the way through your body and soul, and claim your life as lived for and through and with Love triumphant, every moment!

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