Book Part 35, June 24, 2016

Part 35, June 24, 2016

What about original sin? Wasn’t that Eve’s fault?

I never could figure out why Eve (and every woman after her) was blamed for eating the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and feeding it to Adam. He could have probably convinced her that wasn’t a great idea if he’d tried. Both of them–in other words, all of humanity–is responsible for the consequences.

Does this mean that I take the story as being a literal, factual report of the goings-on? Absolutely not. Nobody wrote it down. It’s a story that attempts to explain why the world is as it is and why humanity is as it is.

Sin separates us from full relationship with God, because it is our free will which chooses separation in order to demonstrate our own abilities, much in the way that a toddler will shout “I can do it myself!” and just as parents smile and continue to love and to help as needed, so God smiles and continues to love and to help us as needed. Just as the results of a toddler doing it without help can vary, so the results of our attempts to do it alone can vary. We get to see the consequences, and to live with them, in order to give us the opportunity to make different choices in the future. Is this because God doesn’t care? Hardly! It’s because God DOES care that we are allowed to learn and to grow through our mistakes, whether they be personal and done in our own lives, or corporate as a whole of humanity. It sure does hurt sometimes, though!

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