Book Part 34, June 23, 2016

Love and Sin … What is sin?

First of all, I want to make it clear that I do NOT believe that the Creation Story is to be taken as literal fact. Like much of what we call the Old Testament, it’s a story meant to communicate some important truth, without needing to be historically factual.

Second, keep in mind that I’m certain in my heart and in my soul that God is Love, that humanity was created in God’s image, that at basis we are Love wrapped up in a body.

So, how is it that the world is such a mess? How is it that it’s always been such a mess? Sin. We were given free will, and we’ve used it badly. Not everyone, all the time, but enough to encourage evil to proliferate, causing harm to the world which was entrusted to our care and to one another.

Sin is not only what separates us from God and from one another, it is the actuality of that separation in itself. Sin is using our free will to be and to become separated and gives the illusion that we are completely independent. Love is interdependence, vulnerability and strength … but we so often see it as weakness.

We humans tend to see independence as strength–leaning only on our own knowldege is seen as power, going after only our own needs is seen as simple common sense, ignoring the needs of others is seen as normal. How silly we are!

How can we be so blind that we can’t see the strength we have when we pool our resources in trust and in love? How can we ignore the power we gain when we lean on God’s understanding and that of our neighbor rather than solely our own? How can we discard as irrelevant the plight of the hungry, the homeless, the refugee?

It is so much easier to focus on ourselves and our own wants and needs than it is to focus on the needs of our brothers and sisters around the world and around the corner. It is less painful to focus on ourselves as the center of the universe. We are indeed broken and need redeeming.

We need love. We need to KNOW that we ARE created to BE Love, wrapped up in a body and reaching out the hand of Love to every living being.

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