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About Deborah

My name is Deborah Jacques.  I’m married to the best husband in the world (for me, at least!), Eric.  When we married in 2000, I became mom to Ken (then 14), Marialies (then 13), and Natile (then 12).  What a blessing they have all been and continue to be!!! We currently reside in Morgantown, WV.

I am and have been interested in so very many things in the world and the people and the universe surrounding me that there is no way I could possibly limit my blog to a particular topic area, and sharing my thoughts on such a variety of things is humbling and makes me feel vulnerable, which is scary, so I’ve been putting off even starting for a long, long time now … and starting a blog commits me to writing regularly, just in case there’s someone reading.  But here I am.  And here you are!  And together, hopefully, we’ll all grow.

I’ll be sharing recipes–some my very own originals, some adapted, and some linked from other sites.  Especially with the proliferation of GMO’s, I feel very strongly that cooking from scratch with known ingredients is absolutely vital to the continuation of the human race in general, and for my family in particular.

My dream was that on the homestead, my focus would be on the cattle–both the primary milk cow and the Dexters, as we raise them for meat and milk. I think pigs would have been another focus for me, though you never know! Everyone would have helped with everything as needed, of course, but my focus on the cattle would have included a focus on using what they produce! I’d planned to learn to make butter and cheese, clabber and sour cream. I’d planned to learn to preserve what we produced, as well. Along with being the primary cook and blogger, I’d imagine that most of my time would have been accounted for!

I’m absolutely certain that the mercury amalgams (silver fillings) that lived in every molar of my mouth for 45 years had a significant deleterious effect on my health, and had them all removed in 2012.  I was finally starting to feel better and to get some energy until my heart thing threw a kink in the works.

Spirituality is also a very important part of who I am.  I won’t harp on any particular religion or group of religions, I promise!  But I was raised a good little Catholic girl, became agnostic for a number of years, then joined the United Methodist Church and later was actually a pastor for 5 years while finishing up college and attending seminary.  I loved preaching, and I’m good at it, and I miss it … but I don’t miss all the rules that organized religion insists upon, which seem counter to the faith that Christ taught.  Most (all?) religions seem to think they’re the only ones who could be right, and that seems sad to me.  So, you’ll probably occasionally hear me tell you about my understanding of God as being love, and what that means to me–especially now that I’ve begun working on a book about just that!

It’s okay if you disagree with me on anything I say.  I’ve been wrong many times and I’ll be wrong again!  But since this is my blog, it’ll convey my thoughts, feelings, and opinions.  You’re welcome to respectfully disagree or to choose not to read, but flames (just plain meanness) is definitely unwelcome.

Make yourself at home.  Wander around.  Enjoy.

Love to all!


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