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All posts in January, 2018

I apologize. I actually posted this on New Year’s Day, but hadn’t realized that the site address had changed somehow! So a little bit late, here it is.
Happy 2018 to all of you!!! I offer to you “A Prayer for the New Year,” which I wrote around 20 years ago. It still speaks to me. I pray that some of you may find blessing within its words.
As we have been blessed in each year past,
O God of beginnings and of endings,
We trust in you as we begin this new year.
Grant that we may have the vision to see
the blessings in our joy
in our sorrow
in our triumphs
in our failures
in our struggles along the way.
Grant that we may know your abiding presence in all
that we do
that we are
that we see
that we hear.
Grant that we may know your love
in every cell of our beings
in every new life
in every death
in resurrection.
Grant that we may share in our abundant blessings
of possessions
of faith
of hope
of opportunities to minister with love in your name.
May all of this be true in this new year, O God of grace,
for your glory
from the power of your love
for the joy of real life
for all peoples
according to your great mercy.
May we live the life our Papa God gave us
in the name of Jesus, our brother, friend, example, and redeemer
in the power of the Holy Spirit, our guardian and guide, our
comfort and strength.

I finally have a reason to appreciate spam! I changed web hosts late last year and didn’t notice that my blog had somehow moved from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, and changed the url!!! I updated some pages and posted a couple of blog posts, which of course didn’t show up where I expected them to but I didn’t notice because I didn’t go there.

Yesterday, I got email notification that my admin email was overflowing–I don’t normally even check it. When I got there, I found not only lots of spam, but comments on posts! This is how I figured out what was going on. This morning, I figured out how to fix it. You can expect to see some updates and posts in the next few days. Thank you, Tammy, for posting comments so that I’d be pointed in the right direction!