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Part 46, July 7, 2016

Life continues …

I met and married my second husband in Panama. He was also a soldier, in the same company where I was assigned. My term of service ended in July 1989 and the “conflict” in Panama was just before Christmas that year, and I was still there. Not a fun time, but I’ll write about that later. My husband was transferred to Fort Riley, Kansas at the end of 1990 and sent to Iraq for Operation Desert Storm in January of 1991.

We’d found a house to buy shortly before he left, and I moved there in February. It was a cozy little farm house on 5 acres, three miles north of the tiny town of Green, Kansas–which is out in the middle of everywhere, cuz everywhere was somewhere else! The realtor helped me move our stuff there on a Saturday, and I figured that the best way to meet people in such an area was to go to church, so that’s what I did the next morning–and I hadn’t even fully unpacked the car yet! I did meet some wonderful folks there.

During our time in Green, we had dogs and cats and chickens and church and bible study and ran a bowling alley & snack bar & it was generally good. I also was called by God into full-time ministry, so had to leave all of that behind. From 1995 through 1999, I finished off my last year of college and went to seminary while serving churches part time as their pastor–2 years in Hanover & Barnes, KS and 3 years in Uniontown & Redfield, KS. After seminary, I served in Herington & Hope, KS until I moved to West Virginia at the end of 1999.