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Part 44, July 5, 2016

The latter part of my life had moving less frequent, but longer distances and more inner turmoil.

We moved out of the home we built when we lost it because we’d used it as collateral on buying a dry cleaning & laundromat business that wound up having the road on both sides torn up for significant portions of the next 2 summers. We moved back in with his mom, who’d bought his/our house, and we continued to run the diaper service I’d started, turning the garage into our laundry area. I started college, too, for the first time at age 25. I figured I’d flunk out pretty quickly and was shocked when I was invited to transfer to the honors program instead!

When the house was foreclosed on due to somehow someone not realizing that there was a balloon payment due and taking care of that, we had to close the diaper service and move into an apartment. We moved to a different apartment a year later, and wound up splitting up a few months later & I rented a room in a friend’s house, then moved into an apartment about 6 months later. For a couple of months, I lived in a camper on the back of a pickup truck with a man friend for a couple of months, then a month or so in a house with other friends before I left for Army basic training. I turned 29 while I was there, then was assigned to serve in Panama for the remainder of my 3 years of service.