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All posts in July 3rd, 2016

Part 43, July 3, 2016

Mom moved from Alaska to Minnesota while I was in utero. We moved before I was 2 years old, moved a month or so before I finished kindergarten, moved a month after I started 3rd grade and again a month into 4th grade (the closest elementary school didn’t have room for me, so I went there for 3 days before being transferred to one across town, riding a school bus from and to the original new school). We moved during the summer before 5th grade, and in the middle of summer school before 7th grade–then again with a month or so left of 7th grade. We actually stayed in the same place until the summer before 12th grade, at which point I moved away from home when my family moved somewhere else, so I could graduate with my class in the same school.

I moved 2 days before my high school graduation, into my own apartment–I was still 17 years old at that point. A year & ½ later, I moved to another town to live with some friends and their families. About 6 months later, I moved into my own little 10 x 55 mobile home & let my mom stay with me for a while, and about 4 months later into the house that my new husband owned. After about a year & ½, we moved into the home that I designed and we had built by contractors, though we did all the finishing work.

That brings us to about age 21-22. LOTS of moving around in my early years, and the one thing I longed for was stability.