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All posts in June 30th, 2016

Part 40, June 30, 2016

Perspective is everything! Do you live in a world of abundance or of scarcity?

It honestly is more a matter of perspective than it is a reflection of reality. If you’re reading this, chances are that you live in a house jam-packed full of stuff, and yet are always wanting more stuff. Chances are that you throw away food that’s perfectly edible. Chances are that you drive when you could walk. You probably pay someone to cut your hair, and maybe even to color and perm it, and to do your nails. It’s likely that you have a fast, unlimited, always-on internet source. And it’s likely that you’re afraid that it’ll all disappear or that it’s just not enough. Fear has more to do with the attitude of scarcity than the reality does.

Many, many folks who are NOT reading this right now have none of that. They may live in refugee camps, or they may live in a hut, or they may live under the sky anywhere in the world. Some of them, while surviving in a world that shouts “scarcity!”  actually live in an inner world of abundance because they appreciate life itself and count the small blessings each day.

Ideally, at least in my mind, would be for everyone to actually have enough and to be thankful for it, without needing to seek more and more. That’s living in trust that God, the universe, the world, whatever, will provide for our needs if not for all of our wants. Growing into our identity as Love wrapped up in a body means learning to trust that Love is enough, and more.