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All posts in June 22nd, 2016

Part 33, June 22, 2016

Continuing Hope

If we already had and were all that we wanted, we wouldn’t need hope. Why does it seem that we always want more? More stuff, more talent, more information, more power … more wisdom, more love, more kindness, more grace …

As much as I say, even to myself, that I have more than enough stuff, it seems that there’s always something else that I want, whether for myself or for my loved ones. That’s greed, and I don’t want any of it, but there ya go. God isn’t finished with me yet … I pray daily that I may have the strength, the stamina, the energy and the courage as needed for each day. Better, perhaps, would be to pray that I become more loving each day–and I do pray that, as well. My prayers are prayers of hope.

My hope is in the Lord, the giver of life, the sustainer of all that lives, the redeemer who takes the rags of my life and transforms them into a robe of glory, shining with love for all to see and to receive. I am thankful as I live in neverending hope.