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Part 32, June 21, 2016


Some folks seem to see doubt as a bad thing, as a diminishing thing, as a scary thing, as an unfaithful thing.

I see doubt as a good thing, as a growth thing, as a courageous thing, as a faithful thing.

How can this be???

I can’t truly speak for anyone else. For myself, I see doubt as a way to seek more and better understanding. I see doubt as a way to step away from my current perspective, to question its validity, and to see from another’s perspective. I see it as a way to get closer to God in a very personal wrestling match. God always wins, of course, and my faith grows stronger through the spiritual exercise.

I can’t live in hand-me-down faith or religion. It would make me and my faith wither away. I MUST stretch my wings in order to fly.