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Part 31, June 20, 2016


I decided on today’s theme before even considering what I might write or even what it really means. Hope. What is it, really? Is it a way of trying to live in the future? Is it a way of denying past or present reality? Is it a hiding place? Or is it a reality more real than that which we see and experience?


We hope that the future is better and brighter than the present. On a really good day, or in an amazing moment, we may hope that the future spreads out in front of us unchanging and always brilliantly beautiful. Somehow, in that hoped-for future, we may even adjust our physical age to a time when we’re in our prime–old enough to be considered responsible, but young enough that the declines that so often happen with aging and illness haven’t yet made any impact upon us.

It seems to me that what we’re really hoping for is heaven, whether right here on earth or in the afterlife, or both! Maybe, by living love to the best of our ability by God’s grace, we’re helping to fulfill that hope for someone else even if it’s not visible in our own lives … and maybe someone else’s loving kindness brings it nearer for us.