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All posts in June 18th, 2016


Who am I to judge? Only God has that right–and God tempers that judgement with mercy, grace, and love. God knows our hearts. God knows what drives us. God knows our histories and our experiences and our scars.

Who am I to judge? As a human being, I tend to judge based on what I can see. What I can see is so very limited!!! I can see only the behavior I’m looking at, and the apparent results to others. I can’t see either the good that I do or the harm that I cause. I can’t truly see all the good that others do or the harm that they cause, either. I can’t see beyond the surface. I can’t see into another’s heart. I don’t always know my own heart all that well, to be perfectly honest!

It seems that there are a lot of folks who look forward to the judgement day, believing that they will be judged “good” and those individuals and groups that they disagree with or don’t like for whatever reason will be judged “bad.” There are also a lot of folks who seem to have given up, assuming that they’ll be judged “bad” no matter what, based upon one or a few past actions. I have a strong suspicion that plenty of members of both groups will be met with surprises when their final judgement day comes.