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All posts in June 17th, 2016

It seems that working on this book is also a way that God is working in me, in working out my faith and defining it more clearly. How important is it to define my faith more clearly? I have no idea! But God knows.

God is Love. This I believe and always have and always will. If you know love, then you know God. But there are many paths that people are on which are paths of love. Christianity is but one path. God has created us all, loves us all, and offers to lead us all. This I believe to be true.

Do we all follow the path God lays before us, regardless of our faith tradition? Nope. I can’t say that I always have or always will, and I don’t believe that anyone has reached that stage of perfection in love. We all do our best, where we are and with what we have in the way of knowledge and experience. That can change from day to day!

This journey of writing has led me to a greater certainty that Christianity is not only my background, but my present and my future. Looking at Christian history right up to the present, it would be easy to reject in favor of something else or nothing else or a nebulous everything else, and many have done so, but I must look to Christ as my brother and redeemer and model for life.