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All posts in June 16th, 2016

Part 27, June 16, 2016

Responsibility … some might see surrendering to God’s will as a way of abdicating personal responsibility and taking the opportunity to blame God if they make a decision that doesn’t turn out the way they’d hope. I don’t see it that way.

I see it as a way to hold myself even more responsible! Responsible for actually watching and listening, to the world and the people around me, to scripture, and to God’s still, small voice or huge booming voice or whatever way God chooses to communicate with me. If I mishear or respond inappropriately, that’s mine to deal with, knowing that God’s grace is sufficient even for my mistakes, but it’s up to me to do my best to right any wrongs that I may cause.

Being Love wrapped up in a body is a gift that’s full of responsibility. I’m responsible for responding in love instead of reacting in fear when the world around me encourages the fear and ridicules the love. It means taking risks that society tells me should best be avoided. It means trusting that “all things work to good for those who love the Lord” regardless of what I may experience with my senses at any particular time. It means truly believing that the unseen is greater than that which is seen.