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All posts in June 11th, 2016

Healing. Jesus did it. Jesus said that we could do all that he did and more. Yet we don’t. Why? Why do we ridicule the healing evangelists? Why do we tend to assume that they’re all scamsters? Yeah, some of them are and have been. But all? Hmmmm … something to think about!

We all long for healing of one kind or another.

In The Green Mile, John Coffey “takes it back” to grant healing. What is he taking back? Yes, I know that it’s just a book/movie/story, but our thoughts and our word do have power. What was he taking back? Corruption? Can you just imagine being able to do that?

Yes, God has given us plants and techniques and medications of various sorts that contribute to creating a healing environment in our bodies, and that’s great! It is, after all, our own selves that actually do the healing. Placebos seem to have nearly as much healing power as drugs and even surgery sometimes. That proves to me that our minds pretty much do the healing.

How do we harness our own healing power? How can we do so more reliably? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to look into someone’s eyes and tell them that they’re healed, and to KNOW that they truly are healed? Wouldn’t it be amazing for someone to do that for you?

Can we all heal one another, or are some people especially gifted? What do you think of all of this?