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All posts in June 10th, 2016

Eating together.

Feeding one another.

Talking and laughing and singing together.



What is a sacrament? There are probably as many definitions as there are branches of christianity or religion in general. To me, a sacrament is an action in which we purposefully place ourselves in the path of God’s grace, and we trust that it will be there. Some religions have several set-aside sacraments, to be officiated over only by those ordained to do so. Some religions don’t believe in sacraments at all. For all I know, there probably are some in which every moment is considered to be sacramental, or at least potentially so.
I consider any opportunity to share an eating time with others to be sacramental. “Where 2 or more are gathered, there am I.” so said Jesus. Throughout scripture, hospitality is seen as sacred. We humans do need alone time–some more than others–but we also need one another.