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All posts in June 8th, 2016

Part 20, June 8, 2016

Forgiveness. This is one that so many folks don’t want to even approach, yet it really is necessary. Until we forgive those who’ve caused us pain and damage, we carry that pain and damage and tend to deflect it onto others around us and, especially, into our own selves.


Holding a grudge–remaining angry at someone for days, months, or years–simply means that we continue to punish our very own selves for having been hurt! We’re unlikely to actually be causing pain to the original perpetrator. Most of the time, they go through life unaware that we’re still upset with them, and possibly even unaware that they even did anything wrong in the first place!


We tend to hurt others (and ourselves!) out of our own pain, lashing out at those we love as though they were the original perpetrators of our own pain. We don’t do so with great purpose. We do it out of reaction, where we haven’t yet healed. Forgiveness heals our souls. Forgiveness for others and the pain they’ve caused, and even harder is forgiveness for ourselves, for the pain that we’ve cause to others and to ourselves!
Forgiveness is vital to fullness of life …