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All posts in June 6th, 2016

What does it mean to you, to be created in the image of God? In order to articulate that, you must first identify what you perceive as the image of God. Who is God, to you? Where do you find God when you go looking?

It seems to me that, in today’s society in the USA, for lots of folks the image of God is an old, judgemental, angry, finger-pointing man. I find that to be unutterably sad. I can’t imagine living with that image and, even worse, living “up” to it.

With my background in christianity, I know God as Creator of all that is, who continues to breathe life into all that lives; a loving Father; a wise Son who lived on earth and within the limits of time, by choice, as Love wrapped up in a body and adopted us as his brothers and sisters; and a Holy Spirit which fills us with God’s love to share … but I know that not all who claim to follow Christ see God in this way. How I wish we did! We really could and would make the world a far better place!!!