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All posts in June 5th, 2016

Part 17, June 5

I listen for the quiet, to the quiet, in the quiet … what does Love have to say to me today? What does Love have to say for you today?


Sitting in the quiet on the porch, hearing the cicadas sing and traffic going by, I thanked God for ALL of my life with all of the ups and downs and around and arounds, for all of it has brought me to who and where I am now and I am thankful. What’s really cool is that I was given visual image memories from infancy (which I of course don’t consciously remember) up to the present, in a sort of slide show.


Is my life perfect? No. Am I perfectly loveable? Yes. Maybe not by everyone, but certainly by God and by some people, too. Am I perfectly loving? Probably not yet, but I’m doing my best! What I am most is that I am thankful.
I think that the quiet brought me a precious gift today. How about you?