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Part 2

May 19, 2016


What was I thinking??? Is this transparent process really worth it? Will I be able to follow through on my commitment to writing daily? Have I lost my mind, or have I found it?

This book is written through the lens of the christianity which is my background, but it is about universal reality so I hope that those who are from different faith traditions are able to see …

Religion has nothing to do with it. Religion is a way of living, following a set of rules. Religion is a sociological construct which allows folks to define “us” and “them.” Religion tends to be divisive. Love has no rules, sets no laws, requires nothing but to know and to be, and for doing to follow being. Love is inclusive and embraces all.

Perfect love casts out fear. I heard a story of a man who had a burglar come into his house. He invited the burglar to talk, and offered to give him whatever he needed. It turns out that the burglar had lost his job and had a family to provide for and had gotten to the end of the rope and had no other way to do it. The man invited him to come back to visit or to be given more as needed. No violence resulted. Is this a common occurrence? Probably not. Most folks, especially these days, live in too much fear to even consider doing such a thing. Some burglars are too broken in their souls to be able to respond to kindness and love quickly enough to benefit in such a situation. But it DOES happen. It IS possible. I’d like to think that I’d offer love if a stranger came to my home, and if it’s time for me to go to my permanent home with God in eternity, that’s okay.