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All posts in January 13th, 2014

Finally, we got the deed in the mail. Yes, it has been over two months since the closing date. I emailed the attorney’s office on Tuesday because I was getting a bit concerned. It seemed to me that we should have had that deed in hand certainly within a month of closing on the property!

I wasn’t at all surprised when, after a bit of investigating, she discovered that our deed was in the mail ready to go out that very day! People in all professions need a reminder/prod now and then.

Anyway, now that we have paper saying that the property is, indeed, ours, I feel safer in scheduling the driveway, septic system, etc. to be done when the weather permits it–in Maine, I believe that we’re looking at the end of April or beginning of May. We plan to arrive somewhere in that time frame, as well, in order to begin building fences and animal shelters and our starter house. It seems so far away, yet so short at the same time.

Right now, Craigs List in our area has buiding materials for a 20×20 structure available at a REALLY good price. If only we had some way to transport and store it now!