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All posts in January 3rd, 2014

I’ve tried kefir. I’ve tried kombucha. Eric won’t consume either one, and to tell you the truth, neither was really turning out right for me. Even if it was, I simply won’t go to the trouble of dealing with either for any period of time if it’s just for me. We NEED probiotics from SOMEWHERE, and it’s pretty clear that food is a better source than pills are–and cheaper! So …

I’m moving on from liquids to fermenting solid foods. Actually, I made pickled green beans last summer and they were okay. I made pickled garlic from the recipe here last Fall and they came out pretty good, so I got another batch going a month ago and added the honey on New Year’s Day–it’ll be ready in 3-4 weeks! Since both are made with ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), I’m not sure if they count as being fermented or not. Probably not. Today, I’m starting some naturally fermented sauerkraut with no added culture. Eric likes sauerkraut, so here’s hoping it comes out well!

I’m starting with the very simplest kraut–plain old green cabbage that I shredded, salted (I use Celtic Sea Salt exclusively) and mooshed/bruised, stuffed in a jar and left alone for a week or more with daily burping. I was shocked at how much cabbage fits in a jar!!!  I used the fine shredder/food processor attachment on my Bosch Compact Mixer to cut the cabbage, so it’d be nice and fine–if I did it by hand, it would be coarser … which would be okay, but I wanted it fine.  Anyway, I started with just under 1/2 of the head, salted and mooshed & crushed with my hands and stuffed in the jar … and that wasn’t nearly enough.  I added another quarter, and my 1-1/2 pint wide mouth jar STILL wasn’t nearly full! So, I shredded up the rest of it and wound up filling the jar with just enough leftover to fill a little jar that once held maraschino cherries.  What a cute little jar of sauerkraut that will be! Hahahaha!


I stuffed the jars real tight by pushing down with my hand.  You’ll be amazed at the amount of liquid that comes out of that cabbage, pretty quickly! There’s definitely enough to keep the kraut well covered in liquid.  I also tucked a piece of cabbage leaf over the top of it all, tucking the edges down, to hold everything under and away from the air. I’ll leave the jars on the counter in order to remind me to burp them at least once daily, then start checking for flavor in a week.

I’ll let you know how it comes out!