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All posts in January 1st, 2014

Hello, my friends!  Welcome to the celebration of our new website!

Some of you have seen my website before, but it has changed!  I’ve moved it over to our own domain rather than keeping it on the WordPress site.  One reason for that is professionalism.  People are more apt to trust a company with its own domain than one that’s hosted on a free server–even if it’s a farm.  Another reason is that we hope to generate even a small income from the affiliate links.  After all, the farm won’t be generating income all that quickly, and we need to eat–and so will the critters.  I may also be selling stuff like bottle blankets & lotion bars directly from the website.  Every little bit helps!

I plan to write blog posts far more regularly.  I pray that I have something to say that’s worth reading!


Happy new year to all of you!  I saw this great idea on Facebook, and am actually following through with it–here’s my jar for slips of paper to be slipped in whenever something good happens.  I’m anticipating putting at least one slip in there every day that I wake up, since that’s a good thing–in my opinion, anyway!  Is anyone else doing it?

I figure that this will help both Eric and me to focus on the positive throughout the year.  There’s always something negative happening, in everyone’s lives.  Focusing on the positive will help us to get through, over, under, and around the obstacles while maintaining what sanity we have.  We are blessed every single day.  Let’s see how many of those blessings we can see well enough to write down so that we can relive them at the end of the year!