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All posts in December 26th, 2013

Well, we finally got approval from the Maine DOT to build a driveway where the access to the hay field already exists.  It’s too late in the season for it to actually happen, so we’re still in West Virginia, waiting, until Spring springs in Maine and we can get started.  At that point, we’ll get the driveway, septic system, well, electricity, etc. set up.  We plan on having a pad poured for building a house on, for the milking area (since it’s required for licensing of our milk) and for the creamery (milk filtering, etc. area).  The house will be the last built, of course, so that we can start selling milk as soon as possible!

We were thinking of finding a mobile home to move onto the place for now, but now we’re thinking that we can wind up with a better place for about the same amount of money if we build a small house ourselves over the summer, while living in a travel trailer.  We’re planning for the small house to be the size of a 2-car garage, and converting it to that with an upstairs apartment when we’re able to build a larger living space.  That larger living space will have to wait a few years, while we make papercrete bricks to build it with!

What an adventure!  Stay with me as our story unfolds, and you can share in our interesting times.

Love to all!